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Who is NAIX? AI Redaction at your Fingertips

Ray Najem

Sales Representative & Webmaster

Who is NAIX? AI Redaction at your Fingertips

Welcome to NAIX Stories – a blog series where we go into the depth of redaction. We will discuss where it can be used, how it helps you avoid potential problems, what happens when documents aren’t redacted or redacted poorly. In this blog, you will get to see how NAIX might just be the solution you're looking for to alleviate all these troubles.

What is Redaction?

Redaction is the process of obscuring sensitive information which is essential before the documents are displayed for the public eye. Previously, redaction has been done manually with text markers or other proprietary software programs. Nowadays, it is done digitally, but that doesn’t make it any more secure, easier or faster.

With the constantly changing technological landscape and easy access to lots of data, privacy has become ever more important. With a major focus on protecting people’s privacy, companies that do not follow suit inevitably come under fire and scrutiny for failing to address the consumer’s concern for privacy.

How and Why did NAIX come to life?

Let’s start with a short story on how NAIX came to be. NAIX, the leading AI redaction tool, which was founded after having realized a major gap in the market for autonomous redaction. Legal firms often need to redact sensitive and confidential information to protect their clients' privacy, deemed too sensitive for the public eye. However, manual redaction was too slow, costly, and time-consuming. In turn, the NAIX team created their own software, leveraging AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) which lead to the creation of the best redaction tool available in the industry.

Why redact with NAIX?

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The increase in regulation of personal data under GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation in the EU) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act in California) prompted companies worldwide to pay more attention to how they handle data, focusing on obscuring what needs to be hidden to protect themselves against legal trouble. NAIX, which is GDPR and CCPA compliant, in addition to being ISO certified, is more than capable of handling confidential data responsibly.

Time Efficiency

NAIX software automatically recognizes Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and redacts it. Not everyone needs to redact all PII, which is why there is the option to select what entities to redact, such as dates, names, cities, amounts, and more. Anyone can redact with NAIX because of its user-friendly interface.


Teams often work on redaction projects, making it crucial for the software to be effective. NAIX enables teams to be created, roles to be assigned, different projects to be created for the same team, documents with errors to be flagged, and real-time changes to be seen. All of this helps to put tedious file sharing and reviewing in the past and focus on getting the work done.

No reverse engineering

Redaction is typically done by obscuring confidential information, which is not enough, as there have been cases of documents being reverse-engineered to uncover what lies behind the redacted section. Fortunately, that is impossible with NAIX.


According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), pseudonymization of data is defined as "replacing any information which could be used to identify an individual with a pseudonym, or, in other words, a value which does not allow the individual to be directly identified" (Article 4(5), GDPR). This brings us to readability, as it is an essential factor in a nice paper. With NAIX, you can pseudonymize a word while keeping the document easily readable. There exists no black bar; instead, the new word appears as if it’s part of the original document.

Use Cases

GDPR EU regulation: ​​When issuing documents following a request for information (Art. 15 GDPR)

Mergers & acquisitions transactions: In data room processing, documents are securely redacted on the seller’s side thus protecting internal company information and personal data

Pharmaceutical and Life sciences: Redact medical records, patient paperwork for example in clinical trials

Financial services: Secure customer data such as tax number, card information. Bank account details and phone numbers

Law enforcement: In a race against time domain, quick redaction helps law enforcement immensely in redacting the victim’s identity. Sharing a case

Government: Officials can safeguard Information i.e. sharing it with audits

IT & operations: Ensures cybersecurity, protecting sensitive network data

Real Estate: Capital Markets /Residential Investment Transactions. Secure redaction of PIIs in lease agreements

Anyone can NAIX

As we’ve seen lately, Artificial Intelligence is taking over many mundane tasks, giving people more time to be creative. Sitting and redacting pages upon pages of documents manually all day is not something that people look forward to doing. Having said that, why redact documents manually when there is an AI tool that will do the job for you? NAIX, who is trusted with redacting confidential documents, and affordable for companies of any size, is the right solution for you.