Naix Redaction Software

In collaboration with leading international law firms, Naix has been developed as the new redaction methodology and software standard based on artificial intelligence. By naixing your documents you benefit from automatic anonymization and pseudonymization of personally identifiable information (PII) provided through officially certified processes, resulting in GDPR-compliant files. Naix’s intuitive and responsive application supports users in managing those tasks in a fraction of time: While allowing for bulk redaction as well as pre-defined presets, naixing speeds up the redaction process by customized entity settings and team management functionalities provided by the integrated project management tool. Naixing documents provides law firms and their corporate clients across all and any industries with a redaction solution that fundamentally improves daily life by implementing their workflows several orders of magnitude faster than ever before–very easily.


Features you'll love

Our features will make your redaction process easier, faster and more secure.

Blacklist, Whitelist and Glossary

Define lists of keywords, phrases and patterns of interest and run the list for automatic analysis.

Entity Settings

Customize your entity settings to your individual requirements.


Customize your project configuration and apply it to documents or entire folders using a preset.

Crop Function

Whether a section of your document or a full-page redaction across multiple pages, naixing guarantees precision and speed.

Keyword Search Functionality

of course, works with scanned files and photographs as well.

Project Management Tools

You can easily set-up teams and groups, assign rights and/or access to them and apply statuses to your files.

Trusted by leading law firms and international corporates
Clifford Chance
Ernst & Young
Reynen Court

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