New updates and improvements to NAIX



Enhanced Document Handling: Rotate Pages Permanently

This update introduces a powerful upgrade to our page rotation feature. Previously, rotating pages in the editor was only a visual change, not affecting the actual files. Now, when you rotate pages either clockwise or counter-clockwise, the changes are applied directly to the images on disk and in the final PDF. This means your rotations are saved exactly as you set them, providing a more intuitive and permanent modification experience.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Websockets Communication Enhanced: We've refined the stability and performance of our Websockets communication to ensure smoother interactions and data transfer.
  • Immediate Crop Deletion: Resolved an issue where crops created using the "Save on current page" function couldn't be deleted without refreshing the browser. Now, deletions are immediate and do not require a page refresh, streamlining your editing workflow.

Highlights of the Update:

  • Permanent Page Rotation: Apply and save rotations directly to the PDF and on disk.
  • Enhanced Websockets Communication: Improved stability for better real-time interactions.
  • Immediate Crop Deletion: Enhanced usability with no need to refresh the page.



Enhanced File Handling: Faster Uploads and Real-Time Download Tracking

Enhanced File Upload Speed This update greatly improves the upload speed for large files. Previously, users experienced a delay when uploading big files like a 1 GB zip, as they had to wait until the file was completely processed. Now, you'll get a quicker response right after the file upload finishes, making it feel much faster, especially for large files.

Enhanced Download Monitoring with Progress Bar Stay informed with our new Download Progress Bar: We've added a progress bar on the details page for each download, allowing you to visually track the status of your downloads in real time. This feature aims to improve your interaction with file downloads, giving you better insight into the completion time and progress.

Highlights of the Update:

  • Improved Upload and Download Speeds: Faster data transfer rates to enhance efficiency.
  • Download Progress Bar: Visual tracking of download status on the details page.



Enhanced Administration and File Management

This update brings you an Elevated Admin Control with New Dashboard: Introducing our Admin Dashboard, a comprehensive solution for managing Users and Organizations more efficiently. This centralized hub allows for intuitive oversight and seamless management of user permissions and organization settings.

Along with Enhanced File Management with Drag-and-Drop: Upgrade your file organization game with our new drag-and-drop feature in the file explorer. This addition simplifies file management, allowing you to easily move files and folders within your storage environment, enhancing productivity and user experience.

Highlights of the Update:

  • Admin Dashboard: Centralized management for Users and Organizations.
  • Drag-and-Drop File Management: A streamlined approach to organizing files and folders.



Enhanced User Management and Revamped UI

Improved User Experience with User Group Management: Now, manage user roles more efficiently with our new user group feature. This enhancement allows for group-based role assignments, streamlining permissions and access control.

Comprehensive App Update Featuring a New UI: Experience a sleeker, more organized app interface with our latest update. We've revamped the UI to enhance usability, incorporating simpler language and a more intuitive layout.

Feature recap in This Update:

  • User Groups: For efficient role and permissions management.
  • New UI: A refined interface for improved navigation and usability.
  • Streamlined Table Interaction: Enhanced ease of use when working with tables.



Introducing Enhanced User Notification and Configuration Features

This update enhances the platform with new features and fixes that empower users to streamline workflows and enhance security.


  • Project Admin Email Notifications: Receive notifications via email when upcoming document deletions are scheduled for projects, ensuring timely informed decision-making.
  • Auto-Invite Role Configuration: Customize the role that automatically receives project invitations, enabling granular control over access permissions.


  • Vulgar Fractions Correction: Eliminate rendering issues with vulgar fractions, ensuring accurate and consistent display of fractional values.


  • App Cipher Change (Optional): Provide the option to switch the app cipher for encryption, offering enhanced security and compatibility with specific environments.



Introducing Enhanced Document Management and Security Features

This update enhances the platform with new features and fixes that empower you to manage and protect your documents securely.


  • Admin Configuration for Max Retention: Now, you can set the maximum retention period for documents directly from the admin panel. This allows you to control how long documents are stored on the platform.


  • Hide Plain Text Email in URL: To enhance privacy, plain text email addresses are no longer displayed in URLs when an email address is changed.
  • Notifications for 2FA Changes: Receive notifications when enabling or disabling two-factor authentication (2FA) to stay informed about security changes.
  • Cancel Button for Project Confirmation: An additional "Cancel" button is now available on the project confirmation page, allowing users to easily back out of project creation if needed.



Streamlining Auditing and Document Management

This update features a suite of new functionalities that empower you to shape and streamline your workflows:

  • Fair queuing strategy: Ensure efficient task processing and prevent bottlenecks with our fair queuing mechanism.
  • Project confirmation message: Enhance user control and minimize accidental project creation with an optional project confirmation message.
  • Audit configuration options: Facilitate comprehensive access tracking directly from the system preferences page.
  • Environment variable for document retention: Streamline document management with an environment variable to set the initial document retention period.

Unlock new levels of efficiency and security with our latest platform update and empower your teams to achieve their goals.



Simplifying File Management

With this update, we've made searching for your files even easier:

  • Introducing our new folder hierarchy feature in the file explorer
  • Enjoy color tagging for your documents
  • Benefit from various bug fixes, including document filter and search-saving improvements



Comment on documents

With this update, communication has been made easy:

  • The functionality to text while working on the document is now available!



New API Endpoints

With this new update:

  • The application introduces new API endpoints for seamless document redaction, allowing users to upload files, track their status, and download the redacted versions.



More Payment Methods

With this update, you will have the option to:

  • Pay directly with a SEPA Direct Debit option



Sign in using Google

With this new update, you will now be able to:

  • Use Google as a login option



Processing Options

With this update, we will be introducing our first processing option:

  • Deskewing: Checks each scanned page if it needs to be rotated to compensate for skewing (the sudden change in document rotation randomly). In rare cases, this can cause pages to be upside down. Deskewing depends on the quality of the scan. You have the option to turn it off if you are certain that your documents are oriented correctly.



User Interface translated to French

With this update, you will now be able to:

  • Use our application in French



Export Credit Usage

With this update, you will be able to:

  • Export your credit usage as a CSV file



New team functionalities

With this update we bring you the possibility to:

  • Transfer team ownership and projects to another team member
  • New restricted functionalities for basic team members

Bug fixes:

  • Team creation in privileged mode
  • Malfunctioning of previous and next buttons in editor



Disable team creation

With this new update comes exciting new updates to the On-prem feature! On-prem clients can now select who gets to create a team. Super users / system administrators can turn on a flag that prevents other application users from creating a new team. Other improvements include:


  • Allow only super users to create teams (on-prem only)


  • Cleanup downloaded files
  • Show user email in team and project
  • Make all selection inputs have a standardised look


  • Truncate user name in navigation bar



Sort folders naturally

With this new update you can now have your folders sorted naturally making them easier to find. Other improvements include:


  • Change icon handling
  • Dispatch document downloads faster
  • Make folder navigation scrollable


  • Fix downloads getting stuck in status waiting
  • Fix zip file upload being prevented under unknown circumstances
  • Fix downloads for Windows users



Zoom in and out of documents

With this new update we bring you the possibility to zoom in and out of documents. Other updates include:


  • Show folder names in the download table
  • Provide a default flag for preset lists


  • Change document status to waiting when changing the document language
  • Show yellow instead of green icons for pending team invitations


  • Keep filters and position when switching folders



Download entire folders

With this update you will be able to download folders in addition to:

  • Provide new reviewer role
  • Prevent users from using duplicate document names



Auto Invite

This update brings the ability to automatically add users to teams (on-prem only). Along with this update you will also be able to:

  • Rename folders
  • Filter documents by Language



2FA via setup key

It is now possible to use a setup key to configure your two factor authentication.

Bug fixes:

  • fix document search behaviour
  • prevent individual words in graphics from having the entire graphic redacted
  • show longer document names in the editor



Secure Admin Area

On-premise installations have now access to the first iteration of a secure super admin dashboard. In this first iteration it is possible to configure the SMTP server configuration and the Identity Provider configuration to either use OpenID Connect or SAML 2.0.

Additional changes:

  • append new list words to lists one by one instead of overriding all list words
  • remove auto-accept invitations (OpenID Connect or SAML 2.0)



Project statistics

On the projects listing a summary of basic information for each project can be found, such as credits spent, the number of project members or the number of current documents.



Command palette

Open a brand new command palette via Cmd+K / Ctrl+K to quickly navigate between the main pages.

The document search in the editor has a new look. It has been removed from the footer bar and replaced by a small overlay tile in the top right corner. The document search can be opened via Cmd+F / Ctrl+F.

Additional changes

  • allow self-signed certificates for encrypted STMP mail communication
  • fix focus on input elements
  • show error message when downloading unready documents



SAML 2.0 authentication flow

On-premise installations can now be configured to authenticate against a SAML 2.0 Identity Provider. Next to OpenID Connect this is the second alternative to create accounts other than the registration via email and password.

In the rare case of an unexpected error new error pages will provide a general explanation of the problem and a convenient way to get back to the application.

Additional changes

  • fix popover menus and open folder state
  • allow only admins to see the team dashboard
  • fix credit display when not allowed to buy credits
  • add missing translations



Document Retention Policy and Default Presets

It is now possible to define a document retention policy in your project. Specify a number of days your document shall be retained. Documents that were not modified within that period will be deleted automatically.

Documents will be set in progress automatically when a user opens them in the editor. There are new buttons in the bottom toolbar to quickly set the document's status to done or even final. This makes working with the document status more intuitiv and easier. Fellow project members will see the progress on each document.

Additionally you can configure a preset as the default preset of a project. This default will then be applied to each newly uploaded document.



French Language Support

The NAIX application now supports the French language.

Additionally, we are pleased to introduce Streamlined Table Components. The data tables within the NAIX application now have a streamlined look and feel. The tables can be sorted and filtered by relevant information. When working with large amounts of data, the new table improves performance by using pagination and loading only a limited number of records at a time. Page navigation at the bottom of the table makes it easy to jump to previous or next records.



Add German UI Translation

Users can now switch to German language in their user profile.

Additionally, the NAIX software has switched from a page-based to a document-based approach regarding credit usage. Each document will now cost one credit, regardless of how many pages the document consists of. Effective immediately, all new subscriptions or redeemed licenses will have their credit usage for that team changed to the new document-based approach.

Additional changes:

  • fix error when applying presets to documents
  • close modal windows on ESC and click outside



Pause And Resume Documents

It is now possible to pause a document on a specific page. When you come back later to continue your work, the document will automatically open on the exact page you left previously.

Additional changes

  • fix adding words to document lists
  • fix batch downloads
  • fix moving documents to home folder



Audit Trail

Changes to your team, projects and resources will now be automatically logged through our new Audit Trail implementation. We securely generate timestamped records that allow you to track the history of events related to the creation, modification or deletion of data. As of now, all audit records will be retained for 30 days before being completely removed. In the future, we plan to allow teams to configure the retention period for their audit records.

Additionally, we've added navigation buttons to our editor that allow you to quickly navigate between documents in your current workspace. This saves even more time in the redaction process.

Additional changes

  • add new selectable entity: corporate forms



Introducing Projects

Document sharing among team members has always been a powerful feature of our application. As a result of client feedback, we are excited to introduce a much more intuitive way to do this. Instead of sharing each document individually with your team, there is now a project-based approach. Each team can create as many projects as they need to perfectly scope its matters. Everything added or created in a project stays within the project.

You can flexibly add your team members to projects and assign them a role within each project - even different roles in different projects if you like. Currently, there are four predefined roles like the editor, who is actually allowed to make changes to your documents, or like the reviewer, whose job is to review but not change.

  • improve the performance of the editor
  • make the multiple selection of words in the editor more intuitive



Updated NLP

For this release, our developers made some considerable improvements to our toolset used to process text. That immediately results in better detection of personal information and our entities for newly processed documents.

Our new set of tags will also allow us to introduce a more fine-grained control of word detection in the future, e.g., if you would like to redact a cities postcode but not the city name itself.

Another part of this release is the ability to upload lists via a CSV file. You can find the new upload form in your list settings. The CSV file should contain two columns, the first column will identify a word, and the second is optional if you use our pseudonymization feature.

  • fix a bug where the context menu gets not closed properly
  • better security for changing your email by implementing a double opt-in
  • we now show an error if you open an invalid file in the editor



The Streamline Update

For this release, our developers reworked the whole UI of the NAIX application. We're proud to announce, that we could achieve some impressive performance gains. Navigation between pages is now done by asynchronous requests, which means no full page loads at all. Also, we reworked our settings screens, including the managing of your team. You can find your billing information on a completely redesigned portal page, which offers a much better experience.

In terms of security, we added a new two-factor authentication feature. You can activate it on your profile page. All you need for this to work is an authenticator app like the Google Authenticator or the Authy app. Make sure to save your recovery codes in the activation process.

  • add public API endpoints to manage lists
  • add versioned lists, which may be used to recover unintended changes in a future release
  • fix some checks on uploaded files
  • fix a disappearing share button on status updates